JI-112C IP indoor/outdoor camera 2MP - BULLET

Video verification cameras provide the user and ARC with a visual confirmation of the alarm reason and show what is going on in the building. Any event is automatically recorded so the user is in the picture when something happens.

EAN: 8595614119726


A big advantage is an easy installation of the cameras even without an advanced knowledge of IT technologies. They are fully integrated into the MyJABLOTRON application and cooperate with the JABLOTRON 100+ system through Cloud. The customer has thus all the information about his or her premises clearly available in one place.

The camera takes colour videos in HD or Full HD resolutions. In case of poor light conditions it switches to a night mode using IF (Infrared) lighting.

Basic functions of the camera:

  • Video sequences
    • Video recording of 30 sec. before the event (eg. alarm or security) and 30 sec after it.
    • It clearly shows what caused the event and what happened immediately afterwards.
    • The user can also request its creation from the MyJABLOTRON application.
  • Record
    • Continuous video saving with an optional history (3 or 7 days).
    • A full history is at the user´s disposal; he or she can check it any time to find out what happened in the building at a particular moment.
  • Live video
    • It can be started from the web or mobile versions of the MyJABLOTRON application.

At any time, the user can check what is going on in the building.

Technical data

Powering by connector 12 V DC
Alternatively from PoE adapter – 48 V (accoring to the 802.3af norm)
Current consumption during the day (standby) 200 mA
Current consumption at night (with IR reflector) 350 mA
Pixels 2 Mpix
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pix
Frames per second 8
Bullet lens 4 mm (view angle 90°)
Type of lens M12
Sensor chip 1/3" CMOS
WDR – backlight compensation 120 dB
Camera alignment options 0°- 360°
Joint alignment options Horizontally: 0°- 360°
Vertically: 0° - 100°
Data transfer amount at 8 frames/sec approx. 256 kbps/HD, approx. 512 kbps/FullHD
Communication interface RJ-45 10M/100M Ethernet
IR reflector coverage max. 50 m (2x IR LED)
IR reflector lighting angle 70°
Environment: outdoor general
Operational temperature range (Bullet) -30 to +60 °C, max. humidity 75%
IP covering IP67
Dimensions, weight 300 x 90 x 90 mm, 500 g
Complies with EN 55032:2015, EN 50130-4:2011+A1:2014, EN 61000-3-2:2014, EN 61000-3-3:2013, EN 50581:2012
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