CA-2103SET P Car alarm set CA-2103, CA-550, JA-185P and PLV-JA85PG

Set of GSM/GPS car alarm with CAN bus reading support and detectors for complete car security. 

EAN: 8595614121613

  • For the correct functioning of this product, we recommend ordering a number of related items: 1 pc


Set contains car alarm CA-2103 including complete protection of entries (doors, bonnet, hood), tilt sensor CA-550 which detects any movement of the car including vehicle towing and wireless PIR detector of movement JA-185P for interior protection. Additional grey plastic cover for various colour interiors is included.

Technical data

Power supply 12/24 V DC (8 - 32V)
Idle current consumption max. 20 mA
Peak consumption (during communication) 1 A
Working band of the GSM module E-GSM / GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Output power of the transmitter 2 W for GSM850/900, 1 W for GSM1800/1900
Operating frequency 868.1MHz
Operating temperature range -20 °C to +70 °C
SIR output switching the supply voltage, max. load 1.3 A
Immobilization circuit 8 A permanently, up to 12 A in the short term
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